We live in Montana and have already had a “dusting” of snow.

The pack and I are very lucky, we live inside our home and have a big yard to exercise in when we want to go outside.

A few things to remember for the cold winter months ahead.

Water in our bowls outside will freeze.  Always keep it fresh.

Anti freeze may help keep your car running, but it is lethal to us.  For some reason we are attracted to it’s “sweet” smell.  Make sure that your vehicle is not leaking.  When storing it, keep it out of our reach.

Do not leave us outside in the cold too long.  This can lead to exposure problems.

Remember to “tap” the hood of your vehicle before starting it.  Some kitty’s find a warm engine area a place to spend a cold winters night and could lose their life or a limb once your vehicle is started.

Grooming!  Have your mom or dad either trim around your feet and long feathers or have them take you to the groomer to do it.  After playing in the snow we tend to get “snowballs” between our toes and they hurt; not to mention the mess we make tracking in all of that extra snow.  Keep us brushed or combed, water and fur, the perfect combination for mats on us long haired kids.

Because our house is so nice and warm (we have a wood stove) our mom gives us omega fatty acid supplements to help our skin and coats from becoming dry and brittle.

Those of you who celebrate Christmas, remember while tinsel and lights look pretty on the tree, they are harmful to dogs and cats if we get a hold of them.  Please decorate with us in mind.

Holiday celebrations with lots of food are my favorite!  Though the heavy gravies, bones from meat and fatty foods may taste really good going down to us, they will almost surely cost mom and dad a trip to the vet.  Mom gives us a little bit of turkey, cranberry sauce veggies and sweet potatoes.  Like I said, just a little bit!  It is just enough to let us share in the holiday celebration.

Chocolate seems to be a big holiday treat, but it is a NO, NO for us.  However, this stuff they call Carob is really good and is safe for us to eat.

Rock salt and other chemicals used to melt the ice can really dry out the pads on our paws and in some cases be toxic to us.  Be careful when selecting a product.  Shoveling & sweeping with a broom is good exercise mom says.

These are just a few things to think about this winter.

Be safe & Happy Holidays,