Hi my name is Star. Mom calls me Starlet of the Bitterroot and dad calls me Star Baby. I am the latest addition to the pack a.k.a. “The Biscuit Gang”.

My brother is Doc. Many of you may have read Doc’s Memorial on our site. My new mom & dad were truly broken hearted when he passed. The breeder said mom and dad could have another pup from his litter but they needed time to heal. Mom & dad also felt Doc needed them and was put into their life for a reason.

Well, I too have been put into their life for a reason. The breeder had been asking mom for months if she and dad were ready for another pup. They stayed strong and said no. That was until the day that she called mom at the animal hospital where mom works and said she needed an appointment for me. I was coughing and not eating.

I had been to the animal hospital before, a few of us in the litter came down with parvo and stayed at the hospital. That’s when dad originally fell for me.

When I came in for my appointment, mom was in the room while Dr. Mike was doing his exam. Aunt Mary, the Senior Vet Tech, pulled a really loose baby tooth out and I went home on antibiotics.

The breeder once again asked mom if they were ready yet? Mom talked to dad that night and called the breeder the next day and asked her to bring me to her.

Mom had Dr. Lynne give me some vaccines and she put some food down for me. No way, I was having nothing to do with food. She bought a couple of cans of food and brought them home. Still, I would have nothing to do with it. Mom was getting really concerned and starting making me “meatballs” and hand feeding them to me. For some reason the food tasted better in the shape of a meatball or maybe it was mom’s prayers for me to please eat something!

I have now graduated from meatballs to eating Solid Gold dry food like the rest of the pack. Still, my coughing which is only in the morning for a brief time has not gone away. The vet team took pictures of my throat and chest the other day and we now have an appointment at Dr. Dave’s, he is a specialist in Missoula. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome (hee hee no pun intended).

In the meantime, I go to work with mom everyday, basically to give the rest of the pack a break and to get socialized with people, dogs and cats. Aunt Janet who has a grooming business at the hospital where mom works is great! She has me meeting all kinds of fur kids and her cat Patsy and I have been caught napping together on the nice fluffy bed she has in her grooming room.

I really love my new forever home. The rest of the pack has really made feel like a part of a family. They are teaching me lots of new things, some of their good along with some of their “bad habits” as mom and dad call them. I love bedtime when we all, including mom and dad pile into the king size bed and fit together like pieces of a puzzle.