Freckled Paws Raising Funds for Expansion

reckled Paws Hot Spot product line of pet skin and wound care products has seen double and triple digit growth since they were launched February. We have now come to a crossroad which has initiated a decision, on our part, to focus 100% of our time to growing the product line, from improvements to the products themselves to increasing the number of pets receiving treatment using our products.

We are planning a nationwide tour of the pet expos and conventions along with face to face meetings with veterinarians open to natural treatments, animal shelters, animal rescues and retail stores. The sales push will coincide with our working with the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) to further study and improve our products through the MUMS Program which is part of the F.D.A. Centers for Veterinary Medicine.

Of course, these undertakings will cost money, which is why we are raising funds through IndieGoGo, a very successful Internet fundraising platform. The goals of this fundraising effort are clear:

  1. To treat more pets which would significantly reduce needless suffering and euthanasia due to canine lupus lesions.
  2. Study our product with the goal of increasing the quality and efficacy.
  3. Increase manufacturing capacity to meet increasing demand.

You can help by emailing your friends and mentioning us on your social media sites. There are also share buttons on the fundraising page. Sign in to IndieGoGo and use those buttons to be entered in our referral contest.

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On the road to recovery!

Hi, if you read my bio you know that we went to see Dr. Dave, the specialist in Missoula, MT the other day. He is a really nice guy.

He looked at my x-rays, listened to my heart and stuck his finger down my throat. Ugh! Gag me literally.

Dr. Dave spoke to mom and dad for a little bit and said that he was not going to send the “scope” down my throat, PHEW!!!!

It looks like I my either have some type of allergy or that my immune system is somewhat suppressed.
I am on Prednisone, we are in the tapering off period at the moment, but after mom gave me the first pill, the next morning and thereafter no coughing so far.

Now that we have hopefully conquered my gagging spells, it will be time for me to be spayed like the rest of our pack. They are all spayed & neutered. Mom says there are too many fur kids like me out there in need of loving forever homes, let alone the health benefits to being spayed or neutered.

It’s time to run and play with the rest of the pack!

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Petland Investigation | Help Stop Puppy Mills

This was sent to me via e-mail earlier!

Please help stop this shameful, gross negligence!

While living in south Florida, I interviewed in “group interview” for Petland.  What I saw behind the scenes, was absolutely repulsive!

Petland Investigation

We don’t need more pets

While true, most good hearted people just want to give a “cute” puppy a home, unless the general public STOPS  “purchasing” puppies from “Petstores” this will never end!

While serving as the Executive Director at the Mission Valley Animal Shelter there were a large percentage of “purebred” dogs surrendered. The fact is there are too many pets and not enough good homes. Animals are not disposable items.

There are good breeders

Good breeders breed to enhance a breed. Their litters are very limited. They are not puppy factories trying to produce huge profits. Most good breeders will require you to spay/neuter your pet by contract or they have the right to seize the animal from you. They will always allow you to inspect their facilities.

They most always are involved in dog shows or field trials. At most, they may have 2-3 breeding animals. No quality breeder has hundreds of breeding animals.

I feel very strongly  about this!  I will continue the fight AGAINST PUPPY MILLS,  PETLAND and other Petstores that continue this shameful process.

If you are looking for a “purebred” pet, check with your local shelter or go to Petfinder as well as many other rescue sites or  an animal shelter in your area.

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Freckled Paws at New Location

Freckled Paws is currently undergoing many changes including moving to a new location. We are now located at 1028 Main Street in downtown Corvallis. The new location has an area we will utilize as retail space. Adding retail to our business will allow us to sell products we have found, through our own experience, to benefit your furkid’s health.

Of course, we are continuing to board dogs and cats at Freckled Paws K9 Hostel. We call it a Hostel because our facility is truly different and not a kennel. Your furkids are never caged. We incorporate several spacious rooms for your special friend. We have an enormous indoor play area as well as about 6000 square feet of fenced outdoor space.

After a stay or two, your furkids will be looking forward to coming to stay with Uncle Bob and Aunt Jen!


Doggy daycare is a wonderful way to socialize your special friend. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Who wants to come home to destruction? And many times the destruction is because your furkid misses you. Bringing your furkid to daycare allows them the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs and people. Socialization is an important part of a dogs life. They are pack animals and need companionship. Daycare is a great way for your dog to spend their day and will frequently reverse minor behavioral problems.

Special Needs are our Specialty

We have several clients with “special needs” furkids. We never charge extra for dispensing medication. We have clients with minor issues to diabetic dogs that need their glucose level checked regularly and insulin injections given.

Freckled Paws Dog Treat Bakery

Freckled Paws has been baking dog and cat treats in the Valley for 6 years. The new location will allow us to expand this part of the business. We have always used only human grade ingredients in our treats. Our new recipes will incorporate several grain free products. Dogs and cats frequently have allergies to grains. Corn has long been known to cause reactions. Wheat and gluten are also a cause of allergic reactions. We have always made some grain-free treats but we will be expanding our selection of grain-free treats in the near future.

Stop In

We look forward to serving you in the future. Stop by anytime during business hours 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday – Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Furkid drop-off and pick-up can be scheduled outside of regular business hours if needed.
You can also call us for additional information (406) 375-5369.
Training, bathing and grooming are also available. Stop by or call for details.

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Tugger & Haley have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

It is with deep sadness in my heart that I write this post.  Two of our dear, sweet “Biscuit Fans” Tugger and Haley have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge within one month’s time.

Tugger’s (at the right in the picture) mom called the animal hospital where I work in absolute tears.  She said I think it’s time.  Tugger was having difficulty.  I made the appointment for Tugger and his mom to come in that morning.

When they arrived at the animal hospital, you could see that indeed it was time.  Tugger was very weak.

We put a blanket on the floor of the exam room and I stroked his fur while rubbing his mom’s back. I explained to her what we would be doing.  Tugger was a handsome boy; a big boy who’s body could no longer carry the beautiful spirit inside him.  His body was tired.

Doc came in and gave Tugger the sedation injection to relax him.  His mom and I continued to talk to him and stroke him.  I gave him a kiss and whispered to him what a sweet angel he was and left the room to give he and his mom some time alone.

Re-entering the room, Pearl decided it was time for the final injection, the one that would release his beautiful soul from his weary body.  Doc and Mary (our very compassionate vet tech) came into the room and we all sat on the floor with Tugger and his mom.  As the final injection was being administered a loud barking followed by howling came from outside.  Doc, Mary and I looked at each other; a moment that gave us all goose bumps.

Tugger passed peacefully with the one he truly loved by his side, his devoted mom.

Leaving the room, I turned and looked out our front window to the hospital.  What I saw truly flooded my body with emotion.  Tugger’s best bud Tracker (left in the picture) un-be-known to me was in the car parked out front.  It was Tracker whom we all heard while we were in the room together.  The exact moment Tugger was crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

May you rest in peace sweet boy.

Tugger:   10/20/01 – 7/21/17

Haley (to the right in the picture) was truly and amazing fur kid.  No matter what life threw her way, she took it and moved on.  A lesson in life is what she gave to me and confirmed something I have always known, dogs & cats as well as all animals are teachers as well as healers.

Haley, even though your eyes had to be removed for medical reasons, you still continued on pretty much like the happy go lucky girl you always were.

I only knew you for a few short years but I will have such happy (laugh alot) memories of you.

Your sweet mom has had many losses this year.  Her lovable, comical human mom Marge and you Haley; we love and miss you both.

The pond you loved so took you from your mom and dad before they had a chance to say one last time how much you meant to them and how much joy brought into their lives.  My wish for them is somehow you let them know you are okay and how much you loved them as well.  Your mom truly needs to know this.  Her heart aches for you and Spooner everyday.

Duke (left in the picture) and Lavina Von Vienerschnitzel (in the middle of the picture) know that you are okay and that you and Spooner have reunited are are watching over all of us as you play with Doc and all of our beloved fur angels that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will one day be reunited with us.

My love to you sweet angel.

Your Auntie Jen

Haley:  2/01/01 – 8/16/17

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Canine Intestinal Blockage | Signs | Symptoms

In our previous post about Zadock’s struggle with an intestinal obstruction, we followed the story of a young yellow lab through his diagnosis, surgery and recovery. Za was a lucky puppy. Not only has Za made a full recovery, he now has a new little sister, shown in the photo with him.

In this post, we want to cover the signs and symptoms of canine intestinal blockage. Early recognition and diagnosis by a veterinarian just may save your beloved furkid.

Canine Intestinal Blockage Signs and Symptoms

Canine intestinal obstructions are most frequently due to ingestion of foreign objects. Puppies are especially vulnerable, as they will eat most anything they can get in their mouths. Other causes may be intussusception, hernias, tumors and complications from abdominal surgery.

The most common symptoms include, but not limited to, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping. The dog may exhibit signs of pain in the abdominal area and appear bloated. Cases of complete blockage may produce severe and sudden abdominal pain accompanied by violent projectile vomiting. Vomit may contain fecal like material. Repeated vomiting of water or fluid is another very common symptom of an intestinal obstruction. Other symptoms include lack of appetite, weakness, dehydration and lack of energy.

It is important to seek the care of your veterinarian if your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms. Prolonged obstructions can lead to a lack of blood flow around the affected tissue causing the tissue to die. This condition complicates treatment and may require resection of the intestine. Canine intestinal obstructions are treatable when diagnosed early with very positive outcomes. Waiting to seek help greatly increases the chances of a non-favorable outcome.

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Spooner: An Angel With Fur

Dear, sweet Spooner crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and joined all our other angels with fur whom have left their loved ones behind.

Spooner was an adorable clown, your typical Golden Retriever who kept his personality until the end.

He was a very brave boy who’s Mom & Dad had to make one of the hardest, but most loving decisions all of us caring and loving responsible guardians have to do, let go of one of our fur kids.

Spooner will truly be missed by all who’s life he entered. There will be no two people who will miss him more. His very devoted Mom who always kept him so handsome on the outside, made sure he had the best of care and who held him in the end. His Dad to whom Spooner was a constant companion. Going to hunts & shoots and winning awards. Spooner went to work with him, he was his dad’s co-pilot and friend.

Spooner loved everyone, two and four legged, he didn’t care, dog, cat, man or woman. He was not judgemental.

Your Mom, Dad and friends will miss you very much. All of us need to remember you were always a happy boy and would not want anyone to be sad.

Some of your friends and I were with you and your mom when she gave you the gift of peace, freedom from pain. Your mom told me you wouldn’t even eat my homemade dog treats that she said you loved so much. You were so brave, your Mom was so brave. I admire the both of you.

Rest sweet boy. You were truly loved.

Spooner Edens: 2003 – 2018

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