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Corvallis Montana Doggie Daycare Dogs Become Film Stars

Steve and Donna Slocumb have been bringing Brody and Otis to Freckled Paws K9 Hostel since we began business in 2010. Little did we know we were in the midst of a “Movie Star” while watching Brody and Otis. Brody has as much personality as any dog we have watched. He practically molests Donna in the front seat of the care when she picks them up. His actions crack us up every time we see it.
Steve Slocumb is a videographer by trade and made this video as a fun project. We decided to post the YouTube video after receiving permission from the Slocumbs because we found it very entertaining. We hope you find it entertaining as well.



Grain Free Dog Food Vital to Healing Lupus Skin Lesions

Freckled Paws Hot Spot Oil and Cream have proven extremely effective healing skin lesions caused by canine discoid lupus. In our Application Directions page, we emphasize changing your dog to a “grain free” diet. For some reason people understand the relationship to sun exposure exacerbating lupus symptoms yet have a hard time making the same connection to grains in the dog’s food and treats causing a similar increase in lupus symptom frequency and severity.

Freckled Paws Hot Spot is not only effective treating lupus skin lesions, though. Freckled Paws Hot Spot is effective treating all kinds of skin issues in dogs, cats and horses. We have even had several people use it with great success for various skin issues. The effectiveness of treating canine lupus symptoms is greatly enhanced by eliminating grains from the dog’s diet. [click to continue…]


Member Freckled Paws Gang Wins Blue Ribbon

The girls bound through our front door pleased as can be after winning a Blue Ribbon with their Yorkshire Terrier, Sparky at the Ravalli County Fair. Way to go Jasmine & Sparky! We at Freckled Paws are very proud of you both! Freckled Paws has many talented and special canines that come to play & stay with us.  Look forward to future posts on our talented and fun furkids.

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Freckled Paws is in the business of alternative treatments for common dog diseases. When developing new products, the first consideration is always the safety of the furkids who might use our products. Do no harm is the first consideration when we develop a new product. Unfortunately, there are far too many companies that do not operate with the same philosophy, as evidenced by the large number of pet products containing known toxic ingredients.

The Internet is a great medium for information that has changed the world. Unfortunately, much of the information has not been vetted or properly researched. Case in point regards our Hot Spot products that have been proven extremely effective at healing many skin issues in dogs, especially lesions caused by canine discoid lupus, collie nose and discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). Our ingredients have been thoroughly researched to be safe for your beloved furkid even if they ingest the product. Yet, we have come across numerous other products containing known toxins, along with articles recommending the use of toxic substances in treating skin lesions, hot spots and various other canine diseases. One such product had no less than 4 known dog toxins (one which has caused many hundreds if not thousands of fatalities) in a single product!

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Titer Tests Accepted at Freckled Paws

Freckled Paws K9 Hostel recognizes the latest evidence that our pets are extremely over vaccinated. Studies have recently been completed that show dogs remain immune to diseases for life after only one vaccination. Furthermore, over vaccination is linked to several health problems in our pets.

Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM: “Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do for our animals. They cause all types of illnesses but not directly to where we would relate them definitely to be caused by the vaccine. Repeating vaccinations on a yearly basis undermines the whole energetic well-being of our animals. Animals do not seem to be decimated by one or two vaccines when they are young and veterinary immunologists tell us that viral vaccines need only be given once or twice in an animal’s life. First, there is no need for annual vaccinations and, second, they definitely cause chronic disease.”

For this reason, Freckled Paws K9 Hostel will accept titer test results showing your dog’s immunity to the diseases in which vaccines are commonly used, regardless of the last time they were vaccinated.


Rescued Golden Retriever Recovery Update

Zeke is no longer available for adoption. He is staying with the “Pack” at Freckled Paws. We simply have too much of our hearts invested in his recovery to let him go at this time. Thank you to all who applied to adopt him as well as those who kept Zeke in their prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Zeke is completely healed at this time and looking forward to all the action at the Freckled Paws Daycare/Boarding Facility.

It has been about a week and a half since Zaphod, now Zeke, was surrendered to our care. Only 12 days ago, we weren’t sure whether Zeke would survive let alone make the remarkable recovery he has made to this point. What a difference 12 short days has made in the life of Zeke as well as our own. [click to continue…]