reckled Paws Hot Spot product line of pet skin and wound care products has seen double and triple digit growth since they were launched February. We have now come to a crossroad which has initiated a decision, on our part, to focus 100% of our time to growing the product line, from improvements to the products themselves to increasing the number of pets receiving treatment using our products.

We are planning a nationwide tour of the pet expos and conventions along with face to face meetings with veterinarians open to natural treatments, animal shelters, animal rescues and retail stores. The sales push will coincide with our working with the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) to further study and improve our products through the MUMS Program which is part of the F.D.A. Centers for Veterinary Medicine.

Of course, these undertakings will cost money, which is why we are raising funds through IndieGoGo, a very successful Internet fundraising platform. The goals of this fundraising effort are clear:

  1. To treat more pets which would significantly reduce needless suffering and euthanasia due to canine lupus lesions.
  2. Study our product with the goal of increasing the quality and efficacy.
  3. Increase manufacturing capacity to meet increasing demand.

You can help by emailing your friends and mentioning us on your social media sites. There are also share buttons on the fundraising page. Sign in to IndieGoGo and use those buttons to be entered in our referral contest.