The following is an email we received from a dog owner trying our Freckled Paws Hot Spot on a dog with Sebaceous Adenitis. Carrie has had an issue keeping this dog’s skin healthy for quite some time.

We have been working on a shampoo using the same ingredients found in our Hot Spot. Once we finish the final formulation of the shampoo, it sounds as though we will have an economical treatment for Sebaceous Adenitis. The only issue currently is the cost when the dog has a breakout that covers most of the body. In those cases, treating with Hot Spot would simply be too expensive for most people.

We’ll do a follow up story once we get the shampoo formula finalized and have Carrie test it our on her dog. We want to thank Carrie for giving us such a detailed report on her experience treating the Sebaceous Adenitis with Freckled Paws Hot Spot.

Hi Bob,

Here is my experience with Hot spot for Sebaceous Adenitis, written like a testimonial if you are able to use it:

My dog, Anela, got diagnosed with a skin condition called Sebaceous Adenitis. Her initial symptoms were darkening and flaking of the skin as well as her hair falling out. Her initial treatment was a baby oil soak (half baby oil and half water). I Rubbed it all over her and massaged it in for 10 minutes. Then I washed that off with Duoxo Seborrhea Shampoo. After one treatment, she started doing really well. I continued to do just the shampoo once a week for the next two weeks and then only once a month, which is normally when I bathe her. However, in the winter I bathe her less frequently, and she was doing so good, I thought we had kicked it. Unfortunately, you never really get rid of it and will need to maintain it the rest of the dog’s life. With less frequent treatments of the shampoo, it flared up again. This time, however, it wasn’t all over as her first bout. It was small areas, but she also started to get lesions in those spots. It wasn’t just dry flaky skin and hair loss.

I really didn’t want to have to do another baby oil soak. If you haven’t done one, I hope you never do. It is messy and you never really get out all of the oil, so the hair takes forever to dry, and you have an oily dog all over your house, BUT it was so worth it. The oil did wonders for the dry flaky skin, and at that point, definitely the lesser of two evils. Again, since this round was patchy areas, I was trying to avoid a baby oil soak. So, Bob suggested that I try hot spot to see how it would work.Here are before and after pics through two weeks of treatment consisting of shampooing her once a week and using the hot spot twice a day. By only week one, the worst lesion was almost completely healed. You could still see where the skin was dark and flaky. By week two, the worst lesion was totally healed and hair started growing again, and you can see how the rest of the area is progressively better. After week two, the hair started growing back where she had been shaved, so it’s hard to document progress in pictures, but my daily checks show her skin getting back to it’s normal color and the hair filling in great!

With Sebaceous Adenitis, the hair falls out in plugs, for lack of a better description. So you will get a small clump of hair that pulls out with what looks like a brown plug on the end. In areas where it is flaring up, when I pet her, I can feel the plugs. Her head was especially noticeable when I was petting her. We didn’t shave her head, so I can’t document this with pics, but during this same period, I rubbed hot spot in on the top of her head and around her ears. Along with the progress on her hind quarter, the hot spot seemed to loosen up the plugs on her head. Now when I pet her, I don’t feel it as much. Also the plugs that are still there, I can pull out very easily so new hair can grow in it’s place.

I am very happy with the progress hot spot has shown with Sebaceous Adenitis. With a whole body flare up, I still think the baby oil soak and Seborrhea shampoo are the best route to get the condition under control. Then you can follow up with hot spot to target the most affected areas.

Let me know if you need anything else. Unfortunately, the pictures really don’t do it justice, but I was really pleased with the progress and hope I conveyed that. I wish it was economical enough to do a hot spot soak instead of the baby oil

Will keep you posted on anything else that might come up.

Thank You!

Again, thank you Carrie for giving our product a try and writing us a detailed accounting of your experience. Hopefully, we’ll have the Hot Spot Shampoo on the market for you to try very soon. We are working on development. We must make sure we get the proper PH for pets, which differs from proper human PH (A good reason not to use your shampoo on your pet!). We also are having an issue getting the proper lather with all the natural oils used in Hot Spot. Once we get those two issues worked out, we’ll be ready to start testing the product. We’ll keep everyone updated.