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Golden Retriever Rescue Looking for Good Home

Zeke is no longer available for adoption. He is staying with the “Pack” at Freckled Paws. We simply have to much of our hearts invested in his recovery to let him go at this time. Thank you to all who applied to adopt him as well as those who kept Zeke in their prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Zeke is completed healed at this time and looking forward to all the action at the Freckled Paws Daycare/Boarding Facility.

Jennifer just happened to walk over to the vet clinic, where she works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this past Friday. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by an incoming emergency case involving a Golden Retriever. Zaphod just had his 5th birthday May 9.

The Case

Zaphod had spent his life on an outdoor run, consisting of a overhead, plastic coated cable stretching the length of his backyard. He was attached to the overhead cable by a 20′, plastic coated cable allowing him to run a large part of his backyard.

At some point the plastic coating closest to his collar had worn off and the cable had wrapped around his neck. The post photograph shows the extent of Zaphod’s injury after the cable was surgically removed from his neck. Actually, the photograph doesn’t do justice to the injuries compared to seeing them in person. Zaphod is just beginning his long road to recovery.

My wife, Jennifer, spoke with the owners and told them if they weren’t able to care for Zaphod they could surrender him to us. An hour, or so after Jennifer first met Zaphod, the owners realized the huge task ahead for them and Zaphod. The doctor made it clear to them Zaphod needed to be kept inside until his wounds healed. After careful consideration, Zaphod’s owners decided to surrender him to our care.


The wound was left open to promote healing and guard against infection. The doctor decided the wound needed air circulation. We took Zaphod in Friday afternoon and began his treatment. We started with an injection of antibiotic. He also takes oral antibiotics twice daily.

In addition, we clean the wounds with sterile saline then pack the largest wound (approximately 4 inches long and one inch deep) with “Freckled Paws Wound Butter”. Finally, the entire shaved portion of his neck is covered with Freckled Paws Wound Butter. Freckled Paws Wound Butter is our latest, all natural product set to be released as soon as the product labels are completed. Although, Zaphod is not out of the woods yet, his recovery has been remarkable to this point. All the swelling and redness are gone. There is no more puss oozing from the wounds. The wounds are healing nicely and there is no sign of infection. We’ll have the doctor examine him tomorrow and see if there is any change in his treatment plan.

Apply to Adopt Zaphod

As you can see, Zaphod, we call him Zeke, is in good spirits and hasn’t lost his sense of humor. He gets along with other dogs very well. We are still learning his personality, as we have only had him a couple of days. He does exhibit a typical Golden Retriever personality, though. He also has AKC Papers although he has been neutered.

Zeke will be remaining with us until he is completely healed. If you think you might like to give Zaphod/Zeke a good home, you can stop by to meet him at Freckled Paws K9 Hostel, 1028 Main St, Corvallis, MT or you can call us (406) 375-5369 to make an appointment or application.

We, at Freckled Paws, will make the final determination as to Zeke’s new home, which could include him remaining with us as part of our pack.

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Rescued Golden Retriever Recovery Update

Zeke is no longer available for adoption. He is staying with the “Pack” at Freckled Paws. We simply have to much of our hearts invested in his recovery to let him go at this time. Thank you to all who applied to adopt him as well as those who kept Zeke in their prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Zeke is completed healed at this time and looking forward to all the action at the Freckled Paws Daycare/Boarding Facility.

It has been about a week and a half since Zaphod, now Zeke, was surrendered to our care. Only 12 days ago, we weren’t sure whether Zeke would survive let alone make the remarkable recovery he has made to this point. What a difference 12 short days has made in the life of Zeke as well as our own.

Zeke’s Rescue

Zeke had a steel cable wrapped around his neck which had cut 1 1/2″-2″ deep. The wounds were infected and the infection had spread to surrounding skin causing numerous sores to develop. The cable had to be surgically removed from his neck. From the first post, on this story, it was pure coincidence my wife, Jennifer, happened to walk over to Willow Mountain Veterinary Clinic when the surgery was happening. Jennifer talked with the owners and made it clear she would take Zeke, assume responsibility for his care and veterinary bills if it was too much for the current owners to handle.

Once the surgery was completed, the doctor spoke with the owners and made clear what they would need to do help Zeke survive and heal. The care Zeke required proved to daunting a task for his owners and they made the tough decision to surrender him to Jennifer.

Wounds and Treatment

The doctor didn’t want to close the deep lacerations on his neck. To heal properly, they needed to remain open so they could heal from the inside out to the skin surface. Zeke had two major lacerations, where the cable had cut up to 2″ deep into his neck. The largest wound was about 6″ long. In addition, some infection had started and cause several sores to develop around the cuts. The swelling was severe as well. The vet tech, Mary, who has over 20 years experience stated this was one of the worst cases she had ever seen. Mary was very concerned about Zeke surviving, let alone recovering.

Once surrendered to Jennifer, we spoke with Mary and the doctor. We decided Zeke needed immediate antibiotics on board, so we gave him an injection and set him up on an oral antibiotics regimen as well. The infection getting out of control or Zeke becoming septic was the major danger to his survival in everyone’s opinion.

This was all happening on Friday of a Memorial Day Weekend, so Jennifer and I were on our own with Zeke’s treatment until the following Tuesday. Of course, if Zeke were to start going downhill, we were only a phone call away from getting Mary and/or the doctor involved.

To treat the wounds we irrigated them once or twice per day with 0.9% Sodium Chloride (Normal Saline). We flushed the lacerations with the normal saline and then removed any scabbing using sterile gauze, to open the wounds back up to the air. Remember, the doctor wanted the wounds to heal from the deepest area outward to the skin’s surface. Any scabbing would hinder this healing process. Once the wounds were cleaned, we dried the area very well and then packed the wounds with a little antibiotic ointment and Freckled Paws Wound Butter. We then spread the Freckled Paws Wound Butter on all the skin exposed from Zeke being shaved. We massaged the wound cream into the skin very well, especially on and around the sores that had developed from Zeke’s infection.

After 5 days, we gave Zeke a bath using Dawn dish detergent to remove the oils from the hair surrounding his shaved area. Mary was concerned about the oily hair around the wound site holding moisture and possibly causing a Staph infection to erupt.

12 Days Later

Zeke is fitting in nicely. He gets along with all of our furkids as well as those that are boarding and come for daycare. We have been working on house breaking Zeke as well since he was an outside dog that had never been in a house. Zeke is doing extremely well with his potty training.

Zeke was very hyperactive when he first arrived. He went a little nuts with all the attention and his new found freedom from the tie out. Zeke has calmed down immensely since those first days. He is learning from the “Pack” and is copying much of their behavior.

We have received numerous applications to adopt Zeke. As we said from the beginning, we would not make any decisions concerning Zeke’s future until he had healed 100% from his wounds. Zeke has had many visitors and one prospective adopter even took him on a hike on the Fred Burr Trail last Saturday.

As you can see from the poor photographs, Zeke is healing very well. He is Golden Retriever through and through, with the happy go lucky attitude toward everything, even after all he has been through. We’ll keep updating Zeke’s progress since there are so many people that have shown interest in his story. Zeke thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

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Hi. I’m Lilly. My good friends call me Poot. I’m the youngest in my pack. I’ve been with Mom and Dad for about 3 years.

I was born in Texas. My first family bought me at a flea market. A year later they got married and were going to have a baby. At the reception the bride announced to the groom she was going to have me euthanized because I had a pee pee problem. I was only 14 months old.

The groom’s mother wasn’t having any of this. She said she would take me back to Montana. She said she knew someone who would give me a good home. So I got aboard a plane and flew to Montana.

I met my new mom and a short while later was in a car on the way to her home. I sat next to her looking out the window at all the open land and mountains. This was quite an adventure I was on.

When we got to the house I heard barking and got excited. We went into the house and I met Abbie and Boo. I went looking around the house and came face to face with Ashley. What was this, I thought. It doesn’t look like a dog. Ashley began rubbing against me and purring. I got down in a playful crouch and started to bark. Then Abbie got between Ashley and me and started to growl at me. I ignored her and ran over to my mom with my tail wagging.

My pee pee problem persisted. I heard mom and dad talking saying I wasn’t a dirty dog. The pee was leaking out while I slept. I sometimes squatted with excitement also but they said that could be worked with. Everytime I got excited, I would check myself to see if I had gone potty. I was so embarrassed.

With good nutrition and healthy supplements my pee pee problem is under control. I am so lucky to have received a second chance

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Hi, my name is Nemo. I frequently get called Captain or Cappy. My dad calls me a mama’s boy. I am the head of security here at the house, not much gets past me. I like to police the fence line and snuggle with my mom.

My mom was the Executive Director at Mission Valley Animal Shelter when I came into this family.

One day while she was working a family brought me to the shelter and said they were moving to another state and could not take me. Mom questioned as to why moving to another state meant they could not take me, especially after my old mom told her they had me since I was a puppy. I was five years old at the time. I was so scared as they took me into the building with my blanket, toys and food. My old family filled out the proper paperwork and my mom asked them some more questions.

I sat in front of the door and stared at it for hours hoping they would come back for me. Mom felt so sorry for me she let me sleep in her office for the next few weeks.

I went to a new family and they truly loved me, but I just couldn’t seem to fit in so they brought me back to the shelter because I nipped at someones ankle. Mom knew she would have to put me to sleep, it was the rules. I remember her crying and telling me how sorry she was that I was dealt such a bad hand in life. She then called my dad and told him the story and within a half an hour I was on my way to my forever home.

I have lots of great brothers and sisters. Sometimes Ollie can be a putz! A guy thing I guess. You see, 98% of us here at our home are society’s unwanted, for whatever reason. We are their throw backs, their disposables. Mom and dad say it is a miracle we have as much harmony as we do in this house

A couple years ago we all went on a hike to the lake to go swimming. Wow, what fun, I had never swam before. Becky taught me how, she dove into the connecting stream and looked back as if to say, come on kid this is how you do it! I love her. She also taught me how to play and have fun with toys. Lilly is my favorite wrestling partner though, she’s is really good at it.

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Hi my name is Star. Mom calls me Starlet of the Bitterroot and dad calls me Star Baby. I am the latest addition to the pack a.k.a. “The Biscuit Gang”.

My brother is Doc. Many of you may have read Doc’s Memorial on our site. My new mom & dad were truly broken hearted when he passed. The breeder said mom and dad could have another pup from his litter but they needed time to heal. Mom & dad also felt Doc needed them and was put into their life for a reason.

Well, I too have been put into their life for a reason. The breeder had been asking mom for months if she and dad were ready for another pup. They stayed strong and said no. That was until the day that she called mom at the animal hospital where mom works and said she needed an appointment for me. I was coughing and not eating.

I had been to the animal hospital before, a few of us in the litter came down with parvo and stayed at the hospital. That’s when dad originally fell for me.

When I came in for my appointment, mom was in the room while Dr. Mike was doing his exam. Aunt Mary, the Senior Vet Tech, pulled a really loose baby tooth out and I went home on antibiotics.

The breeder once again asked mom if they were ready yet? Mom talked to dad that night and called the breeder the next day and asked her to bring me to her.

Mom had Dr. Lynne give me some vaccines and she put some food down for me. No way, I was having nothing to do with food. She bought a couple of cans of food and brought them home. Still, I would have nothing to do with it. Mom was getting really concerned and starting making me “meatballs” and hand feeding them to me. For some reason the food tasted better in the shape of a meatball or maybe it was mom’s prayers for me to please eat something!

I have now graduated from meatballs to eating Solid Gold dry food like the rest of the pack. Still, my coughing which is only in the morning for a brief time has not gone away. The vet team took pictures of my throat and chest the other day and we now have an appointment at Dr. Dave’s, he is a specialist in Missoula. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome (hee hee no pun intended).

In the meantime, I go to work with mom everyday, basically to give the rest of the pack a break and to get socialized with people, dogs and cats. Aunt Janet who has a grooming business at the hospital where mom works is great! She has me meeting all kinds of fur kids and her cat Patsy and I have been caught napping together on the nice fluffy bed she has in her grooming room.

I really love my new forever home. The rest of the pack has really made feel like a part of a family. They are teaching me lots of new things, some of their good along with some of their “bad habits” as mom and dad call them. I love bedtime when we all, including mom and dad pile into the king size bed and fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

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