Most people walk this planet not knowing their purpose. I am fortunate enough to know mine. I have dedicated my life to helping disadvantaged animals. I have loved animals since I was a small child.

I began working with animals professionally at Safe Harbor Animal Rescue in Jupiter, Florida. I began in the hospital side of the organization and later moved over to the rescue/adoption center. Working at Safe Harbor not only opened my eyes, but my heart to an even bigger problem than I ever knew existed.

My husband and I moved to Montana several years ago and I took the position of Executive Director of Mission Valley Animal Shelter, Polson, Montana. The picture above was taken at a fundraising event in which Jack Hanna was our featured speaker and presenter. Jack has also dedicated his life to the animals and raising awareness through education. Working at the animal shelter was certainly a great opportunity to help educate people on the many aspects of being a responsible pet owner.

My husbands job took us to a different county in Montana and I am now working at an animal hospital where on a weekly basis I see pets with cancer, diabetes, seizures, kidney and liver disease as well as obesity issues. I feel very strongly at this point in my life that there is a link between the increased incidences of these health issues to proper nutrition and diet.

I started this website in hopes of sharing my knowledge and experience. I invite and encourage you to share yours also. In addition, we started Freckled Paws K9 Hostel, a no cage boarding, daycare facility, pet supplies and bakery.

Life is a daily learning experience. Knowledge is power.